Lightning Storm Pictures

Lightning Storm Pictures

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Taking Lightning Storm Pictures Here you can find a short write-up on how to go about filming lightning strikes and getting lightning pictures using a camcorder. Using a camcorder filming on a tri-pod is easier to use and safer, because you can retreat to a safer place while the camcorder continues to film in the danger zone.

Lightning Clouds has information and pictures on clouds and the conditions needed for lightning storm producing clouds. There is some really interesting information here on lightning clouds. Ice build up in the cloud is a critical factor to the Lightning process.

Lightning Facts has all sorts of interesting facts on lightning like the average voltage of lightning strikes, the average amount lightning strikes the earth each second. Spider Lightning, Lightning Crawlers, Positive Giants and the average Lightning bolt thickness.

Lightning Effects  is an interesting read on exactly what lightning can do to the physical human body. Interestingly enough though, your chances of survival are pretty good, but approximately 100 to 600 people die annually in the United States as a result of lightning. Serious injuries are caused in about 1,000 to 1,500 persons each year. This produces a 25 to 32% mortality rate. Of the survivors, 74% sustain permanent injuries. There are more deaths caused by lightning than any other natural phenomena including floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Survival Stories  Here are a few stories of people who have had real encounters with lightning, and what they were doing when lightning struck them.

Safety Procedures When thunderstorms approach there are some steps you should take to lower your chance of becoming a lightning strike statistic. Most people are still very ignorant when it comes to lightning storms and don't realize what they are doing,  during a thunderstorm can have catastrophic consequences.

Mother Nature Here are some great pictures of mother nature when she is at work, and in a really bad mood! Storm chasers on the other hand live for this sort of weather. One might think that Storm Chasers are crazy, but they are usually very experienced in their field, know what they are doing and how to position themselves in various situations.

Lightning Storms and Severe Weather is a blog or web log if you like, where the years thunderstorm season will be documented.

Personal Lightning Detectors. These are great and not too expensive. It warns you how far away lightning is, and tells you which way the storm is moving. It is called a Strike Alert. They are great and can be purchased for under US$100.00 which is not too expensive. Information and how to obtain one, can be found here.

Thunder Storm Season in Namibia starts with the small rain season around the end of September and the main rain season starts during January and February. The season ends just before winter time about beginning of April. Most houses in Namibia are mainly made of Zinc Tin roofs so when the thunderstorms start, the sound of rain pounding down on the roof can be deafening at times, visibility can drop down to about 60 to 100 meters! Rivers can become torrents of water in a matter of minutes. The lightning storms here rattle windows as they make that deep rumbling sound and are still far off. When the storm gets overhead, it's a different story all together. There are lightning strikes close by all the time, cloud to cloud lightning is frequent too, and can pass right over head, which is pretty hair raising most of the time!


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Spider Lightning After SunsetSpider Lightning during Sunset                    Downloads in windows media format.
Thumbnails of images which can be found on other pages of this site.

Lightning Bolt at aproximately 320 meters awayLightning in the distanceLow Scary lightning traveling west to eastVery unusual lightning picture at sunsetLow level erratic lightning Massive Storm Cloud BuildingLow level Lightning Streak across the skyCloud to Cloud Lightning moving west to eastDevils Fork Lightning over the houseCloud to Ground LightningNice Storm Clouds Building

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